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Ferritic stainless steels

Ferritic stainless steels are characterized by their structure, which remains fully ferritic at all temperatures.

10.5 - 13 % chromium ferritic stainless steels

The most common grades in this first group contain 11-12% chromium and a low carbon content of less than 0.03%. The ferritic structure offers excellent fabricability and sufficient corrosion resistance for various applications. 11% chromium steels are used in automotive exhaust systems, where the atmospheres are moderately aggressive.

17 % chromium ferritic stainless steels

The reference alloy in group 2 is X6Cr17/1.4016, which contains 16.5% chromium and 0.05% carbon. Numerous variants are obtained by lowering the carbon and nitrogen contents. In addition to preventing intergranular corrosion and to improve weldability, stabilizing elements like titanium, niobium and vanadium are added in sufficient quantities. The principal application of the 17% chromium grades is in the manufacture of domestic implements and appliances.