Special finishes

Special finishes

AST provides a variety of special finishes. They can be applied in accordance with final applications with different protective layers (foil or paper) or functional films. They may be used for laser cutting, deep drawing, etc.

Pattern finishes

Pattern finishes are particularly suitable for building and construction applications, as they offer more opportunities to architects and designers and reduce fingerprint and scratch effects. Acciai Speciali Terni can supply these design finishes on strip and sheet of AISI 430 (1.4016) and AISI 304 (1.4301). Other grades are available on request.

Elephant skin
Floor plates

Polished and brushed finishes

Most attractive finishes can be applied by polishing and brushing. These can be standard finishes (such as grain 180 / 240 / 320) or custom-made designs. They are mainly used for decorated parts such as panels.

Silver Ice®

Thanks to our new anti-fingerprint-coatings fingerprints on stainless steel are not longer a problem. The special transparent varnish of Silver Ice products protects the stainless steel from fingerprints, preserving its unique elegance and quality.


Vernest® SP is a highly versatile product which can be easily adapted to the user’s needs. It can be produced in all colors of the RAL range, as well as in special colors on request. The substrate may be freely chosen from among all steel grades produced by Acciai Speciali Terni and the product form can be coil, strip or sheet.

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